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About This Project

Maggiano’s Little Italy is a chain of about 40+ Italian family restaurants across the United States known for great food and friendly service.


Specials are a big part of the weekly menu at Maggiano’s.  The corporate office is in charge of what menu items go on the specials menu. How its decided is based on availability and shelf life of the ingredients that go into a dish. The problem with the process was that the list of the weekly menu items were being sent through on an email as an excel document. The individual managers of each store would then choose from the list and manually create a printed specials menu. It was very inefficient, hard to track and caused problems with brand consistency.


The solution is a web app that allowed corporate to easily add specials into a centralized depository that can be allocated to each restaurant in the different regions. The restaurant managers have access to an interface that allows them to choose which approved dishes to showcase. The specials menu is printed on a brand approved specials card. The end result is that corporate is able to streamline the process and track which menu items are used by each location.


I was hired by Maggiano’s to design the UI and UX for the app.  I was also tasked to manage the entire development from start to launch.

UX/UI, Visual Design